Thursday, September 9, 2010


So today was the Study Abroad Fair, which was kinda cool. I got to wander around and take a look at some of the different places I could go. To be honest I'd love to go to England or Ireland but I'm not so sure about studying abroad. First of all I'm not sure how it'd fit in my schedule if I want to graduate in four years (I might be pushing four and a half as is because I got into the program a little later. Oh well) and I'm not so sure how well I'd do away from home for six months. I normally go home every four or five weeks and being only 300 miles away is really handy since I CAN go home. Across an ocean? Yeah not so much.

I will keep the idea in mind. If it doesn't work out that's fine too. I can always save up and take a vacation there too.

So this is the third week of school and I'm finally settling into the daily routines of my classes and other things I can do. I've had a cold for the past few days so that's thrown me off but otherwise I'm happy to be back. Today is Thursday, so by 12:15 I'm all done with classes for the day! Plus tonight is usually Swing Dancing (Foellinger Patio tonight! Woo hoo!) but I'll be late because I've got my first audition for college theatre!

The other day I saw a poster for a stage version of A Few Good Men, which happens to be my sister's favorite movie and I thought why the hell not? If I don't land a part I'll see if they need a stage manager. It's been way too long since I was involved in theatre so it would be really awesome to get back to it.

So until then I will be attempting homework. I feel like I should be doing things, but I'm not. I know that there's stuff to do but I just haven't looked it up yet. I might be starting to get over my cold but that was a doozy and I'm still not feeling too motivated. Ugh. I hate being sick away from home. The first night I got back with this cold I wanted three things: Jim, my mom, and my bed. I got one of three. I felt kinda bad since I was asleep by ten (super early as far as college students go) and my roommate didn't know so she apparently walked in, turned on the lights and flipped thinking she'd woken me up. She didn't, but still. Thankfully my appetite's sorta returning and I'm feeling much better than usual. Yesterday was the 'let's hack up a lung' day, which I suppose means that it's getting better. Today my brains seem to be trying to escape through my nose.

And this just in: There is a huge bee buzzing around by my screen. I think he wants my plant. Too bad.

I wish I hadn't left my iPod at home. Then I could go work out and not listen to the awkward hum of machines.

<3 Erin


  1. I like your brains! Please keep them in your head instead of escaping through your nose. K thanks! <3

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  3. omg Clive has been stalking you since last September. =)