Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi Dad

So I suspect (Okay, let's all be honest, I don't suspect, I'm pretty positive) my parents are reading this.

Hi Mom and Dad! Love you! <3

It is far too hot for end of September. Stop that nature. Stop that right now.

I'm also starting to look at apartments, just in case this RA thing doesn't work out. You never know.

Being super productive makes me happy. In the past four days I wrote two papers, revised said papers, took my first test, did my poli sci homework on Monday when it's due Friday, knit an absurd amount of scarf, started working out after beating my cold to a pulp, cleaned my desk, did dishes, and generally rocked out.

Going home this weekend. Can't wait to get home and see the family and play some Reach. Woooo. But first, to completely decimate school work.

Battle plan for the rest of the day: Call my homie Michelle, meeting about looking at apartments at seven in the main lounge, wash my horribly disgusting gym clothes, then live in the education library for a few hours.

Because I'm just that awesome.

Song of the day: Hey Soul Sister by Train

<3 Erin

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