Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wait, WHAT?

So I woke up today and looked out my window....


The maple tree a ways off has quite abruptly begun to turn the most spectacular shade of red, which is cool but it DEFINITELY was not that color yesterday. Or the day before.

Of course the more logical idea is that I just was too busy to notice but that would be silly. What with my two papers and three tests coming up I totally have time to sit around and watch the trees change colors.

And before ANYONE says ANYTHING about this not being productive, this is being written at 8:41 in the morning, so that is way before my first class and thus, outside the realm of procrastination. So take that.

But honestly, time seems to be going really fast and really slow at the same time. On one hand, it's been a while since I've last been home (which is how I usually judge time here) but then I realize that days are moving so slowly...

Aside from the tests and papers coming up, I've been keeping busy. Possibly getting a stage management job with the New Revel Players for A Few Good Men, gearing up for my tutoring hours, working out, swing dancing, and working on knitting. First project: A scarf. I figure that's pretty hard to mess up, right?

But the next few weeks are busy busy busy for me. I've got things to do and look forward to. I return home on the 24th to find a dress for my uncle's wedding, then on the 25th it's going to be a Halo Reach Marathon for Jim and I. He has been so incredibly awesome for waiting until I come home to play. If you're looking at this, you are the absolute best. Then the weekend after (first weekend in October) my friend Katy is coming to visit since she's hoping to attend in the spring! Yay! People are coming to see me!!

If you're curious about how/when you can visit me, you can just give me a call! I love phone calls. Yep yep yep I do.

In the mean time, I will amuse myself with work, knitting while watching season three of Dr. Who (David Tennant FTW. Sexy, sexy Time Lord...), writing, and drawing. If you have a request, let me know and I might just draw it for you!

Song of the day: Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat

<3 Erin

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