Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, it's almost March! This is the last entry of February. Wow, I know the month is shorter than most, but still, that went by very quickly. Spring is on the way!

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers that bloom in spring. They're very fragrant, which is really awesome. You can practically smell them from a mile away. Surprisingly, lilac is sometimes used as a substitute for aloe for skin conditions such as sunburn or rash. Most commonly it's used as a fragrance since it has such a strong smell.

School has calmed down for a day or so, which is nice. I get a little breather. That and being able to go home was FANTASTIC. I loved being able to see all my friends and stuff. The nice thing is, in three weeks I'll head home again for Spring Break! Wow! I know Jim and I were talking about him coming to get me that Friday, but we'll see.

Oh, remember how I said I was cutting my hair over the weekend? Yeah, so I totally cut it short. Like, pixie cut short. It's really cute! I'm still adjusting to how little hair I actually have...I keep thinking it's tied back in a ponytail! I'm on the fence if I want to keep it short like this or let it grow back to where it was. We'll give it some time and see.

Running is going well and I'm back up to speed (no pun intended). Ran three today with all negative splits (which means each mile was faster than the one before it) which was really good. Still, I'm very tired right now. Definitely want more sleep tonight.

Knitting circle tonight! Is it super lame that I enjoy knitting this much? Probably. Do I care? Most certainly not.

Still reading everything and anything for class, but Jim has been so kind as to loan me some good books when I have free time. First up will be Mind Hunter, which is all about criminal profiling. I'm a sucker for stuff like that, which is why it's getting read first. Next will be Douglas Adams' The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, which is sure to be...interesting? Keep in mind, this is the man that brought us Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. There's also Issac Asimov with I, Robot. And lastly is Who's Afraid of Shrodinger's Cat?, which seems to cover a lot of the basic ideas discussed in sci fi.

So tired. Need to write a few quick essays and then reading for homework.

Song of the Day: I've Got the World on a String by Michael Buble

<3 Erin

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