Monday, February 7, 2011


So here's the first of my weekly updates!

First and foremost, school is going well. Still lots of work, but I've been keeping up as best I can. Surprisingly I've found that I work best down in the laundry room. Not surprisingly, I don't get internet down there. But at least I know where I can work best if I need to get away from distractions.

Knitting has been slow. With the blizzard that rolled through I wasn't able to meet with the knitting group last week, but we're going this week. Once again, you can check out my active and completed projects here.

Running is going quite well! I'm personally very proud of myself today. A few months ago someone told me that I couldn't run a seven minute mile. Well today I set a new all time PR with a mile time of 7:06. I've never been so happy about a mile! And it felt good. Really, really good!

Tomorrow my Dad is coming through town so we'll be going to dinner. Jessie is coming down on Friday to stay with me for the weekend, which is awesome.

I've begun to return to the UIUC swing society. It's such good company and I always have a lot of fun. Recently I've become a much better dancer, which means that I get asked to a lot more dances, which is super nice. And this past week the Daily Illini made the Swing Society their RSO of the week so someone interviewed me! That article should come out on Thursday, so I'm hoping it'll be pretty awesome.

Keep strong friends! I'm heading home in about two weeks for a weekend, so I'll see everyone back home then.

Song of the Day: Looking Up by Paramour

<3 Erin

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