Monday, February 14, 2011



Thank you February, for making the 14th nice and pretty.

Okay, updates. First and foremost, I haven't been feeling well for the past couple weeks so I finally went to the health center to get it checked out. Worst case scenario was mono. Fortunately it wasn't mono, but they weren't able to find anything definitive either. The doctor I had suggested it might be acid reflux but I had a hard time understanding him since he had a very thick accent. We've got an appointment to go back and redo the blood work in early March, but hopefully I'll be better by then.

In the meantime I'm busting my ass over school. Lots of papers to write, lots to read, and tests to take. But at the end of these two weeks, I'm going home and some friends and I are going snow tubing! Huzzah!

Knitting has been going well. I learned cable knitting and made a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. Someone told me that it's impossible to see my ravelry account without making one yourself, so I'll go back to listing the projects here.

Green scarf for Katy B. - DONE!
Blue and white striped hat - DONE!
Black lace scarf for Mom - In progress
Pink/Blue/Purple blanket for Morgan - In progress
Black fingerless gloves for Ashlyn N. - On hold
Blue fingerless gloves for me - DONE!
Black Hat for Bobert - On hold

Running has been on hold for the past day or so since I've been sick, but hopefully I'll be able to go back soon. I miss it, but I'm just so weary that I can't get the energy to go. Which is super lame.

My sister Jessie stayed the weekend with me, which was a blast. We wandered around campus and watched some good movies (Breakfast at Tiffany's) and lots of the Food Channel. Next year I get to visit her wherever she ends up. Bwahaha.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. This is usually the part where I say something about Jim, but you know what? I think I'll just tell him how incredible I think he is myself instead of letting him read it on a public blog.

Song of the Day: Can't Help Falling in Love redone by Ingrid Michaelson

<3 Erin <3

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