Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Start

Welcome to 2011 everyone! I hope that it's been enjoyable for everyone so far.

I know that for New Years Eve I finally got to introduce Jim to The Gang, which went very well. It was a total blast since we were all dressed up and pretty looking and we all had a good time. I don't know about the rest of you reading this, but I've made a few resolutions for myself. In 2011 I resolve to run more with the goal being to run a half marathon, get better grades, get into the secondary ed program, and do better in karate.

It's weird, now that I think about it. Almost a year ago I attended my first karate lesson with Master Stephen Dunne (rest in peace). Odd how so much can change in one year. When I rang in 2010 I remember looking up at the stars and telling myself that "This is going to be my year. I just know it." And oddly enough, it has been a fantastic year for me.

I started karate, which has given me more confidence in myself and brought me closer to many people in my life. It also introduced me to a wonderful Master, for the short time I had with him. Although his passing was entirely too sudden, I feel as though this served to bring Jim and I closer. While I will not pretend to know him even half as well as he has, it was a shared thing for us. School has been going very well and although I've had some rough spots with people this past fall I've made new friends and found my place on campus. Having Jim as more than just a friend has really helped and it feels like a lot of things are coming together.

Of course I've been frustrated with work and all, but to be honest that's just a constant thing. The past week was harder than most since I was working so hard I literally made myself sick. I promise I will try not to do that in the future. Lord knows I can't take care of myself that well.

But so far 2011 looks promising! My sister is graduating high school and headed to college (we don't know where) and my brother is transferring from community college to a four year school. I'm applying to the secondary ed program, and in the fall I'll have my first apartment. At times it's a little overwhelming, but in a good way. I'm growing up and getting ready to go into the real world.

To every single one of my friends and all of you reading this (so my friends) I'm so glad that you have stuck with me. From my adopted brother to the little monkey who's going abroad this semester, you all mean so much to me and I'm glad we're all together. Let's make 2011 even better than 2010!

Song of the Day: Call Me Irresponsible by Michael Buble

<3 Erin

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  1. You started Karate in 2010? The way you talked about it, I just assumed you'd been doing it for like 5 years or something.

    Anyway, yay for a good year.