Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And Miles To Go...

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer

To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. 

 - Robert Frost

Welcome to December everyone! Kicking it off with a classic from my favorite poet....I remember when I had to memorize this in seventh grade. Good times.

For my part, I've been keeping busy. Today was the last day of class for me (woo hoo!) so that means tomorrow is Reading Day, and my first final is Friday. Well, it's not technically a final but it's a test I'm taking during the final exam hour. The schedule is as follows:

Friday 10th - IB 106 exam @ 1:30
Saturday 11th - SHOPPING!
Sunday 12th - Revise EPS 202 Final Essay
Monday 13th - Last day of tutoring, more essay work
Tuesday 14th - ENGL 202 Final @ 1:30
Wednesday 15th - EPS 202 Final Essay due by 12:00
Thursday 16th - ENGL 209 Final @ 8:00 AM, head home around 12
Friday 17th - Monday, Jan. 17th - PROFIT.

As far as actual exams go, I've got it pretty easy. Still, there's a lot that needs to be done. Plus I'm going to get started on my application to the secondary ed program, which is pretty intensive. But I'm just looking forward to going home at this point. I'm so ready for it. Making cookies, enjoying hot coco, sledding, warm fireplaces, all that jazz...well, I will be working both my jobs as well but that's beside the point.

Also, if you haven't received a copy of Confessions of a Fast Food Waitress, my manuscript from NaNoWriMo, let me know ASAP. I know many of you are busy with finals as well and probably won't get to look at it for another week or so, but I just need to know. Honestly, I'd like as many people looking at this as humanly possible. I've done a rough edit, added about 3000 extra words and now am ready to burn it out of existence. Considering I've been looking at it for the past month straight, this is a very good time for me to step away and let the public see what I've got.

Plus, December is a GREAT time for reading. It's so bitter cold outside that nobody wants to go anywhere. Trust me, I walk everywhere on campus and there is NOTHING blocking the wind. For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of central Illinois, go look at the nearest flat surface. Go ahead. I'll wait. ...Back? Imagine that surface covered with corn and congrats, you have just seen the geography of central Illinois. Cold I can stand, but wind is miserable. And of course all my finals are far away from my dorm.

But to fill the extra time that I've had since NaNoWriMo is done I've gotten back into knitting. I would say running but I pulled a muscle in my side (I have no clue how, since all I was doing at the time was writing a paper...) and I've been taking it really easy. When I do run it's kinda tough, since it's not fully healed and still fairly tender. Lately I've been able to work on my knitting though and I'm learning how to purl and knit! Knit two, purl's nice and monotonous. I'm making what Hannah calls a 'stress scarf' which is where you basically knit until you're out of yarn. Seems like a good idea to me! See how long this scarf can get.

Otherwise just trying to stay warm and pass my classes so I can go home. Just a little over one week!

Song of the Day: I Could Get Used to This by The Veronicas

<3 Erin

P.S. - New design for winter!

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