Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"Running is a mental sport...and we're all INSANE!" - Unknown

Why yes, yes we are all insane. Can't remember if I've posted this or not. I'm under the weather and worried that it's going to get worse. I have no time to be sick!

But yesterday I had to run five miles, and decided that I would have to do it on the indoor track at the rec center. Some of my thoughts over the course of this run:

Oh god, my legs hurt. Maybe I should take tomorrow off.

Why the hell are people using the treadmills if they're only walking? That seems like a waste of a treadmill...just go on the track!

Wait, is that guy wearing jeans? OH GOD WHY? Why would you wear jeans to work out?

On that note, why is that girl wearing yoga pants to run? It's too warm for that! Well, maybe it's against her religion to wear shorts. I shouldn't jump to conclusions.

*Five laps later, near Yoga Pants girl again* Okay, maybe it's not religion because she's rolling them up and HOLY COW. Her calves could cut steel! Jeebus! Why on Earth would she try and hide awesome legs like that?!

Why do people insist on walking in the wrong direction on the track? I'm just more likely to purposely run at you.

Lot of people wearing those skele-toes shoes. I wonder if those feel funny.

It's hard to think about things when I'm running. I know I have lots to do, but I can't focus on it. I wonder if that's the purpose of running...

Oh hey, last lap! I should pick someone to beat by the end.

Target acquired. Target caught. Target surpassed.

I want chocolate milk.

Yeah, my brain is a little ADD when running. No worries. But I'm getting geared up for race day...have an outfit in mind for the half, but I'm just realizing that I've got to pick out one for the 5K the night before. I'll post pics closer to race day. I'm still holding out hope that by the race I will be able to get my hair into a ponytail, but I'm doubting that. Very sad. It's getting longer, which I'm happy about, but not long enough.

Also, shameless plug here, if you're going to come to the marathon to cheer me on, how about a shirt to go with? I'm considering ordering t-shirts, but I need to know how many people will be in on this. Here's the design:

Ideally the words and design would be white on a red t-shirt. If I order 9 shirts, it would come out to about 12$/shirt, but that price goes down the more people we get in on this. The race will be on Saturday, April 27th on the U of I campus and I highly suggest carpooling if you're coming down to Champaign/Urbana. I can house people, but parking is limited. I need to know if you're coming, need housing, or want a shirt ASAP. Deadline will be Friday.

Writing has hit a sort of standstill. I know what I want to write, but it's just finding the time and motivation. I've got a lot of work to do for school (SO MANY FINAL PAPERS!), and I've gotten back into knitting lately. So yay? This Friday the Knit Wits are probably going out to knit at the bars, so keep an eye out for nerds with needles. I think tonight I'll try and find some time to get some writing done...those final three chapters won't write themselves!

And like that, I've run out of time to chat. Class is soon, and I must go.

Song of the Day: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

<3 Erin

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  1. You certainly train hard.

    Good luck on your writing. =)