Thursday, March 29, 2012


*going out* "What'd you have in mind?"
"Something that doesn't involve fighting Reapers."
"I don't think they've conquered the bar yet."

- Spoilers for Mass Effect 3, Shepard and Garrus Vakarian


Currently sitting in a coffee shop between classes. It's been busy with school and all, but we've got seven weeks left (just under) so it's getting there.

Oh, and remember Clive? He's back! I found out yesterday!

....when he flew into my face.

Me: Aw yeah, this is an awesome day! Running is cool! Life is OH DEAR GOD DID I JUST GET HIT IN THE FACE WITH A SMART CAR?!
Clive: Sup. I'm back. Thought I'd let you know.
Me: ...Hi Clive.

Good times. I finished Mass Effect 3, and while I don't want to post too many spoilers here (aside from the one up above), I will say I loved it. Even the ending couldn't ruin this game for me, since after letting it sink in, I'm a little more content with it than at first. Just hard to take in. But overall I LOVED the game. The writing was wonderful, the gameplay was so freaking smooth, and they brought the best of the past two games together in one amazing masterpiece. Wonderful.

I've been seeing a LOT of prospective students on campus lately...they're so cute! It's weird to think that a year from now I'll be graduating from college and (hopefully) getting a job. Think about that. They're going to put me in charge of children. Does ANYONE get a small twinge of FEAR when they hear that? Not that I think I'll be a bad teacher; Actually, for the first time in a while, I think I'm going to be a pretty decent teacher. I'm just a bit weirded out because I'm no longer going to be a student full time. We spend so much of our lives learning in classrooms and getting through years of the education system (Public, private, charter, or home school) and then're out. I'll be an ADULT. In some ways, I'm ready for it. But in others I'm not. At least I've got another year to figure it out. 408 days, to be precise. How incredibly....weird.

Marathon training is going well. This Saturday is a whopping ten mile run, and I just heard from my sister that she's willing to make a shirt design for me! Which I think is pretty awesome, even though she won't be there. Distance and all, you know.

In the meantime, I've finally had a little time to work on my novel! It took me some time because I realized the ending was not what I wanted it to be, so there needed to be MAJOR revisions. Currently it's at about 80,000 words (I love seeing that number right there. SO MANY WORDS),and I've got another couple chapters planned out. I wanted it done by the end of my spring break, but that would currently involve time travel so I'm hoping for summer. Then I'll edit for the next two and a half months, then hopefully a self-published release in the fall. More updates as that gets closer.

And summer is coming! This summer I'm excited for everything I'll be doing...I've got a skype interview to talk to someone about volunteering with children who have special needs this summer, plus my birthday, work, I'm planning on taking a Shakespeare course at the local college so I can get that out of the way before fall (a schedule that has no class Fridays, and two days of the week I start at noon? Yes plz), running, chilling on the beach, and I just found out the days for the Karate Seminar that I want to go to. Mom and Dad, if you're reading this the dates are July 19th-22nd.

So yes, a busy summer but well worth it. I'd like to get a road trip in there, but I'm not sure if it'll happen. We shall see. Worst case scenario we go next summer or something. SO ready for warm weather. So ready to be done with this semester. Everyone I know for the most part seems burnt out and tired, so I know I'm not alone. I'm sure I'll update later, and more often. Please be patient with me.

Song of the Day: 1963 by Rachael Yamagata

<3 Erin

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  1. Another major revision, eh? And just as I was getting to read 1.5...well, congrats on progress =)

    I hope we manage to hang out this summer, despite your schedule.